Does Pulumi have the concept of a private registry...
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Does Pulumi have the concept of a private registry? I figure with the fact you are a cloud offering- providing your organization a private registry that you can publish custom component providers to just makes complete sense to do. The documentation flow for completely private component providers (private registry, binaries, etc.) is non-existent from everything I have seen. Anyone find anything on this?
e.g. is there a way to view API Docs for in-house private providers?
We don’t yet have anything in the “private registry” space. For in-house private providers, you’d currently have to host/generate the API docs yourself in some fashion.
Certainly something we're interested in; could you elaborate on your use case or DM me?
I sent @orange-policeman-59119 a DM. What are the acceptable server URL formats for:
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pulumi plugin install --server
? The documentation simply states: A URL to download plugins from Can I provide an authenticated URL?
It accepts HTTPS or a Github scheme URL (which should work with GitHub Enterprise) to download from a GitHub Release. Let me check the format. When provided with
--server <>
, the URL searched is:
As for authentication, I'm not sure; I don't think we have a test with basic auth (
) if the options there don't meet your internal needs, open an issue on the main Pulumi repository!